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SierraSoft Topko Survey

Software for topography and cadastre

Topko Survey

SierraSoft Topko Survey

Offers you the maximum

SierraSoft Topko Survey offers you the maximum in terms of flexibility, power, customization of topographic drawing and topographic calculation functions.
The section dedicated to the cadastre will allow you to plan your survey on Google Maps™ and to draw up a complete Pregeo booklet.

Data download and survey calculation

SierraSoft Topko Survey includes communication procedures with all the most common topographic instruments, both total stations and external controllers.
Connect the instruments to the PC, press a button and your survey is already loaded.
No more stress from exhausting import, export and data conversion procedures!

Download data, no problem


It calculates everything, absolutely everything!

The calculation engine is the most powerful, fast and flexible you can imagine.
Any type of survey, even mixed survey of total station and GPS, is solved thanks to the precision of least squares calculations and sophisticated algorithms.
Everything happens under your direct control; overdeterminations, out-of-tolerance measures, guidelines, closing errors are promptly reported to you and you can decide what to do: you are in control!


Coordinate transformation!

SierraSoft Topko Survey is a software directed to point, in the sense that the point is the fundamental element from which everything originates.
Everything you connect to the point has a permanent effect: if the point is recalculated, compensated or rotated, the connected elements will follow faithfully the movement.
This is convenient for starting the restitution of the drawing even if you have not completed the survey.

His majesty the point

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Important role

Codes and the survey takes life

With SierraSoft Topko Survey the codes of the points assume an important role: to describe completely the point and its features; and that’s why you can customize each code to the maximum level.
It is one of SierraSoft Topko Survey’s magic: download the survey, calculate it and automatically get the correct symbology for each point and the drawing of the lines between the points.

Important role

Coordinate transformation

SierraSoft Topko Survey includes the possibility of transforming geodetic coordinates into planes, geodesics into geodesics, planes into planes, through completely customizable systems.
There is also the possibility of transforming coordinates from the Cassini system to the Gauss-Boaga system.
If you have coordinate transformation problems, SierraSoft Topko Survey is your solution.

Verto? No thanks!

With SierraSoft Topko Survey you can directly use IGM gratings to transform your data directly with maximum precision, even for the elevations and without using Verto.
So you will no longer have to export the data, perform the transformation with Verto, export and import again; everything will be simpler and more immediate!

A cadastre to love

Cadastre and Pregeo

Are you tired of the boring cadastral procedures and the rigidity of Pregeo? With SierraSoft Topko Survey you enter a different world, a world where you can manage all the cadastral work in a more free and flexible way.
An example? You can modify and complete the update proposal at any time, without having to redo it every time from the beginning!

Measures and points: a single thing
The cadastral surveys, you know, lend themselves to many modifications; points and stations are created, moved and deleted.
All these operations in SierraSoft Topko Survey are simple, clear and foolproof, but not only: every change made to a point determines a modification to the corresponding measure.
This means that you can work completely on the graphic survey and be sure to have a coherent and correct Pregeo booklet; because you don’t want to make mistakes.

PF, but where are they?

SierraSoft Topko Survey includes the consultation of the PF of the TAF with advanced search and filter functions, but it is not enough:
you can see in real time the position of the PF and the drawing of the fiducial triangle in a Google Maps ™ viewer.
But it is not enough: you can see the point monograph from the ADT website and directly download the updated files of the TAF and the measurements.


A custom-made CAD

Managing complex works data becomes easy thanks to the subprojects.
With these you can manage, within the same work, several survey sessions, basic cartographies, restitution drawings and much more.
A work, lots of data, only one file

Subprojects: a work, a file


Dedicated to you

A CAD that goes beyond the CAD, with specific commands for the topographer; commands that in a second draw what in a generic CAD could take tens of minutes of work.

The last effort: the tables

Complete management of the project: from A to Z. So, here is a set of integrated tools to organize and manage the creation of your final tables, with autofill of the header with the project data!

AutoCAD ™ and SierraSoft Topko Survey: unity is strength

Are you a fan of AutoCAD ™? So combine the power of our CAD with that one of AutoCAD ™ through the dynamic link that allows you to exchange data between the two applications with a single button.
The creation of exchange files is now part of the past, with our CAD the data travels in background

Changing path is the only way to make a big step forward.

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