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For professional surveyors

Topko is the solution to all the problems a land surveyor must face. Both in case of simple survey works and of big engineering works, by Topko you will be able to carry out your work with certainty of results.

Notice of integration with Rasta and Vista!

Notice of integration with Rasta and Vista:

by upgrading or buying Topko 14.3 the functions of Rasta and Vista are already included.

Topko is a software for the management of topographic works which offers sophisticated tools for topographic and cadastral surveys and for tridimensional terrain modelling. Topko offers solution to complicated topographic calculations and provides the restitution of surveys; it is possible to generate profiles and sections, create digital terrain models and perform earthwork calculations.

Acquisition of data from field data recorders

The tool allows acquisition of data from the most widespread total stations and GPS; Topko possesses both procedures of direct interfacement and procedures for file conversion in the recorder original format of the instruments.

Survey calculation

Topko processes every kind of survey, also by different methods: calculation of traverses with empiric adjustment and least square adjustment; calculation of free stations by inverse intersection with two or more points; solution of isolated stations and automatic rototranslation on reference points; auto-recognition of new orientation; calculation of points by trilateration and intersection angle-angle. From GPS measures or GPS coordinates (lat-long or geocentric) Topko calculates plane coordinates by projection on a local system or on a defined coordinate system; the projection can use also national grids. For the calculation of elevations it is possible to use national grids or other geoid models.

Survey drawing

The whole drawing is completely under the user control; texts and symbols can be moved manually or through the table settings. An automatic procedure allows to eliminate the overlapping of texts of close points. Specific commands allow to complete the drawing with elements the land surveying instruments have not surveyed completely.

Creation of drawing from codes

The survey drawing can be generated by the survey codes assigned to points; the same codes allow the generation of drawing lines and/or digital model break lines. To any code it is possible to set different parameters to represent the point: symbol, size, layer.


By COGO commands it is possible to create quickly and with precision new survey points by intersection, offset, tangent points, alignment, projection, slope, etc., thus speeding up the functions of drawing and data insertion.

Transformation of coordinates between systems

Topko performs every kind of coordinate transformation between different systems: from geodetic coordinates to geodetic coordinates, from plane coordinates to geodetic coordinates and vice versa, from plane coordinates to plane coordinates.

Transformation of coordinates by control points

Transformations of coordinates can be performed by indicating some control points. It is also possible to set the weight, which can also be calculated automatically by the tool.


Topko includes functions for both the automatic and manual calculation of subdivisions.

Mathematical modelling and contour lines

The generation of a triangle terrain digital model (DTM) can be obtained manually, semi-automatically, or automatically. Automatic triangulation recognizes inclusion and exclusion lines and break lines in the survey. Contour lines are generated automatically and can be customized by the user.

Volume calculation

It is possible to carry out volume calculation by levelling (with or without adjustment plane), by difference of models and obtain detailed calculation reports. All the methods of volume calculation can be applied either to the whole model or to portions of it; cut/fill lines are calculated and for any point the tool determines the elevation from levelling.

Cross sections

Topko automatically extracts terrain sections from triangles, contour lines, break lines, survey points. Annotation and dimensioning are automatic and customizable. Volume calculation is carried out both through average end area method and equalized area method.

Topographic profiles

Topographic profiles can be inserted from planimetry graphic window as polylines on which cross sections can be positioned either automatically, with a fixed step, or manually. Profile graphic window allows to display the profile from a longitudinal point of view; calculation can be performed from triangle digital model or directly from survey points. However, a table allows to insert and modify profile data: station, terrain elevation, project elevation, description.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Topko is the solution to all situations concerning the management, the visualization, the analysis and, in general, the use of DEM.

Tridimensional planning (Pits and dumps)

Topko Premium extends Topko Standard with a tool of commands for the 3D planning of pits, dumps, parking areas, terracing, embanking, ramps, tracks and all what is concerned with the planning of models. By Topko Premium the traditional method of planning by sections is surpassed, since it is possible to work completely on a planimetric-3D point of view, creating sideslopes, grade lines, terracing, roads, etc. Topko Premium allows to obtain quickly extremely precise project models as far as the creation of sideslopes and intersections with the existing terrain model. It is possible to create different project models and generate automatically a final model of the project merged with the existing situation. From the models created it is possible to extract cross sections and calculate very precise cut and fill volumes, thanks to the precision of the models designed.


Topko is available in different configurations. Below a list is reported, of the different configurations and modules available. Click here to display a detailed comparative table of features and functions.

Basic: Land surveying

Topko Basic is a software for the management of land surveys. Field data can be imported directly by topographic instruments (total stations and GPS) and then processed to obtain the coordinates of the points surveyed. Powerful functions are available for data editing, management of survey points and solution of every kind of land survey issue.


Standard: Land surveying and mathematical and tridimensional modelling

Topko Standard is the solution to all situations concerning the management of digital terrain models, volume calculation, levelling, management of profiles and cross sections. Powerful and fast procedures allow to create and manage 3D models, calculate contour lines and extract profiles and sections; different methods of volume calculation from 3D models and cross sections are included. Topko Standard includes management, visualization and analysis of DEM.


Premium: Land surveying, mathematical and tridimensional modelling and 3D planning of pits and dumps

Topko Premium extends Topko Standard with a tool of commands for the 3D planning of pits, dumps, parking areas, terracing, embanking, ramps, tracks and all what is concerned with the planning of models. Topko Premium allows to design interactively, with estreme precision and speed, 3D models from which to extract sections or calculate volumes.


  • Intel® Pentium® III processor 1 GHz or more
  • Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • 1 GB of RAM (Minimun)
  • 2 GB hard disk space (Minimum)
  • 1280×1024 VGA display or more with 16 Millions of colors
    (for the installation)



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