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DWG FastView is the faster CAD viewer application for desktop, designed to accurate view and plot .dwg/.dxf/ and .dws file formats.

Get started with DWG FastView is easy, there are no complex features to learn, just an intuitive and efficient interface thought to help you get the information you need faster.

Key Features


Faster Response

  • Faster opening multiple drawings
  • Faster Panning and Zooming
  • Faster Highlighting objects


File Format Support

  • Read .dwg/.dxf versions R14 to 2015
  • Read .dws Drawing Standard
  • Read .dwt Drawing template


Display Objects

  • Display 2D vector objects and 3D model
  • Display drawing references attached
  • Display and highlight object information


Interface Approach

  • Multiple drawing tabs
  • Model and Layout space
  • Windows arrangement


Layers Control

  • Turn On/Off Layers
  • Lock/Unlock and Freeze Layers


Viewing Tools

  • Traditional Zoom and Pan tools
  • Magnifier innovative tool



  • Page setup manager
  • Plot preview


OS Support

  • Running on Windows
  • XP, Vista, 7, 8 32/64 bit


Getting Started Faster

DWG FastView is easy to get started, even for those with no prior CAD experience.

You could open multiple 2D/3D drawings and get faster response when performing zoom, pan, highlight objects, control layers, arrange drawing windows, full screen, switch model and layout space, arrange plot settings, and much more..



Innovative Viewing Tool

Magnifier is an innovative viewing tool that adds more value to this viewer.

It helps to view a specific area of your drawing just in a click.

This tool is a real alternative to zoom in at once and is ideal to use it on survey, maps or big drawings.




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