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10 reasons to buy ARCHline.XP® Interior

Buying software can be a life-changing experience.
There are many reasons why you should choose a tool that helps your vision created in your head come to life.
The following reasons to buy ARCHLine.XP Interior software will help you to understand why it will be a great investment.

  1. Interior Design variations: Instant changes of styles and finishes.
  2. Room maker is a wonderful tool. Fits with visual-orientation of most designers.
  3. Kitchen Cabinet Wizard: you can build your bespoke furniture.
  4. Importing files from other sources…especially 3D Warehouse, DWG, 3DS, SKP, OBJ…
  5. The software is practical. You do not have to be a computer genius to use it.
  6. You can accurately design, render with photo realism, generate quotes and install drawings.
  7. Free access to 3D Warehouse the world’s biggest furniture library. Download and place furniture directly from producer’s catalogue.
  8. Download and use fabrics, textiles, tiles directly from producer’s website.
  9. Fly-thru videos and photo realistic rendering image of your designed space..
  10. Pretty user friendly, easy visuals and nice user guide.

10 reasons to buy ARCHline.XP® Architecture

  1. Powerful 2D tools to create construction and permit drawings. Automatic coordination for changes made anywhere – in floor plan or 3D views or sections.
  2. Efficient and state of the art building modeler with 3D solid modeler engine.
  3. DWG compatibility. – Easy way to import and modify drawings or share drawings with partners who use other CAD programs. High level DWG compatibility up to 2007 format.
  4. High-quality 2D and 3D presentations – Printing layout, PDF for printing, animation, 3D model in real photo, rendering with ray-tracing.
  5. Easy-to-learn, user friendly CAD.
  6. Staged product. – The modular structure gives customers the ability to easily introduce additional functionality into their applications when required.
  7. Room book concept – Managing room as architectural unit – you can give facing materials and labor costs to your rooms inside a building for sidewalls, footings, ceilings and floors. Room templates help to define or change easily the same internal covering layers to similar rooms in the building. Exports detailed cost estimations to XLS file.
  8. Surveying old buildings – survey tools that adopt the logic of hand-made survey is a great help for the architect.
  9. Façade survey, photogrammetry – The photogrammetry tool helps designer to transform a photo (which is a perspective view) into a true-to-scale frontal image. The automatic line recognition function recognizes the edges by distinguishing between the different shades of gray of the image
  10. Terrain – Presenting terrain around the building to be constructed is often an essential need. You can load existing terrain models, to visualize them in various ways, preparing the new terrain on the bases of the geodetic data. Calculate the volume of ground to be excavated and moved for the realization of building bases and roads.