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Experiences & thoughts

ARCHLine.XP is the all-in-one design software for your projects when you design an extension, structural renovation and refurbishment just as well as when you design a completely new building no matter what structure or function you are about to work with. ARCHLine.XP provides a unique platform for home extensions, loft conversions, refurbishments, apartment renovations, internal & external decoration.

Is there anything that makes ARCHLine.XP extra useful for Refurbishment Projects?

Experiences & thoughts

from Mrs. Radilina Shanova

” At Shanova Property Renovation Ltd, our operations are concentrated on construction project management and realization. The ever-increasing competition in our field has made the use of a good space planning software an essence for our day-to-day work with clients, suppliers and contractors.

We found ARCHLine.XP by chance while exploring a variety of CAD programs and after an in-depth research on available products on the market. We were looking for a solution that would give us all the tools we needed to create accurate and impressive presentationsand one which will help us plan and manage our renovation projects more professionally. It was important to find a package which is quick enough to grasp and at the same time offers the amazing customer support and training which ARCHLine’s team have been providing since we joined them in 2013.

The scope and features of the software highly exceeded our initial expectations. Only after a couple of months from subscribing, we started incorporating ARCHLine.XP in site work by drawing to-scale plans of the properties we were refurbishing, including space planning for services and furniture placement, 3D visualizations and materials quantity calculations.

With ARCHLine.XP, we managed to optimize our work on site and also started working from a distance with our clients. As a result, we have now put the software at the centre of our operations and use it extensively for publicity, portfolio building and customer service.

Start your project

One of the most important tools in the remodel’s industry is design software that helps the professionals to visualise the project during the survey and conceptual stages. Providing precise floor plan and 3D images will help your client to visualise what your project will be when completed. Using ARCHLine.XP is so quick to create the floor plan with the model using different methods:

Draw from scratch

In ARCHLine.XP you can start drawing a renovation plan even if you only have the lengths measured on spot. To replicate a wall with the original length and thickness is just as easy as creating a line. ARCHLine.XP supports the design workflow with a user-friendly approach, so you can create a complex floor plan literally in just minutes.

Work with scanned drawings

If you have nothing else just the hard copies of the original plan ARCHLine.XP is giving you a very convenient way to use it – just import it and use it as a scaled.

Import a DWG – Work with CAD files

You can use the imported CAD files (DWG) for the floor plan. The Smart floor plan tools help you to create precise floor plans in just a few minutes. You can add pop-up text memos and photos to support areas in detail.

Smart Dimensioning

When creating your floor plan you need precise dimensions. The Smart Dimensioning tool will automatically create all your floor plan dimensions with a few simple clicks.

Architectural design tools

With the ARCHLine.XP software you can create your architectural designs including the full technical documentation, slab designs, 3D models, cost estimation, photorealistic images and 3D movies. 

Multi-storey building

ARCHLine.XP has a built-in easy to use floor management system, allowing you to work on buildings of any size.

Doors and windows

ARCHLine.XP comes with a large built-in library of doors and windows. You can customize all the openings to create a wide range of variety. If your renovation project has something special you can create it based on the photographs in ARCHLine.XP.

Stairs and balustrades

Stairs and balustrades are complex items and in case of a renovation project their shape and design is very likely non-standard and unique. The advanced tools of ARCHLine.XP allow you to create any custom made staircase and balustrade.

Floors, ceilings and roofs

You can create floors, ceilings and roofs with any finishing, material or structure. You can create roofs or ceilings with visible beams and rafters and you can easily place skirting boards and cornices around the room.

Terrains and Google Maps integration

If you would like to represent the 3D model of the project on the original terrain of the site you can use the Terrain tools to create one or simply find and download the original site on Google Maps.

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