ARCHLine.XP Live 2023
New Features

Simplicity when possible, power when necessary

ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2023 – Taking your design visualization to the next level

The release of the new ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2023 version is packed with amazing new features and improvements to take your design visualization to the next level.

With the new version, even during planning, you can create a whole series of photorealistic images in seconds, even in the concept phase.
The essence of ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2023 is to save time and that you can add an unlimited amount of complicated elements to the technical plan created in ARCHLine.XP.

As in ARCHLine.XP, it is now possible to directly download objects from the 3D Warehouse in ARCHLine.XP LIVE too. Placement of flowers, accessories, people etc. is limited only by imagination.

The new material library provides you with an extensive collection of high-quality textures, ensuring that your designs look amazing every time.

The new Landscape editor brings the essence of realism and fantasy. Hills, valleys, ditches, pools and flowing water can be easily added to the model.

Ray-Tracing ON

Ray-Tracing OFF

Ray Tracing

High-quality, natural-looking results with subtle shadows and accurate rendering thanks to the new Ray Tracing feature. This feature is only available with NVIDIA RTX and AMD RADEON compatible graphics cards, for compatibility information please visit the manufacturer’s website. (Options – Quality tab)

clear and understandable presentations


By turning on the lumen function, scenes are more vividly lit and reflections are more accurate. These make shadows appear more realistic in rendered images and videos. (Options – Quality tab)

quick and easy to design

Landscape editor

Whether it’s detailing a garden or designing a landscape, the landscape editor makes it quick and easy to design and edit terrain, and you can create still and flowing water with a single click. By specifying a route, you can also easily create a road that fits into the terrain in the project.


Read more here Open External Link icon PNG and SVG Vector Free Download

increasing the quality of the final result

3D Warehouse direct download

As in ARCHLine.XP, it is now possible to download objects directly from the Trimble 3D Warehouse to the project in ARCHLine.XP LIVE.


Read more here Open External Link icon PNG and SVG Vector Free Download

stunning 3D animation

New menu bar

The menu bar lists the different functions in categories.

The output is a stunning 3D animation that showcases elements along a timeline.

easily put patterns on walls

Decal materials

Decal materials can be used to add fine detail to make the project more realistic. You can easily put patterns on walls, puddles on the road or create a unique paving in a specific area.


Read more here Open External Link icon PNG and SVG Vector Free Download

enhance the visual quality

Real water materials

New water materials with modifiable properties further enhance the visual quality of visual designs. The waves, colour and speed of the water can also be modified to perfectly match the environment.

useful for indoor and outdoor scenes

New materials

New lifelike materials are added to LIVE that can be useful for indoor and outdoor scenes too. Brand new material types and folders are available now in LIVE.

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