BIM tools to stay competitive


Standardized file format

ARCHLine.XP uses the IFC format, which is the best communication tool with other members of the building project. You can seamlessly work together with others, no matter which BIM software they use.

BIM parameters

Every building component – walls, doors, windows – can be given data fields which provide valuable information on the building, whoever is going to work with the model.



Multi-Storey Structures

ARCHLine.XP’s Floor Manager defines the level structure of the building and the heights associated with floors. This tool allows items on a floor to inherit predefined base elevation and height values. You can simply move or copy elements to other floors, and the placed elements, again, inherit the features of the floor.

Door/Window custom design

From the basic door types to specialized ones, the door wizard enable the design of new door types as interior, entry, glass and steel doors. You can add producer and product information as well to come up with real quantity take-off later. These data fields are stored as BIM parameters, and will be accessible by the other stakeholders.
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