Visuals to impress


Dynamic section

Temporarily cut away parts of your design, enabling you to look inside your model. You can use Sections to create architectural section as well move and rotate the working plane.

Shadow Studies

ARCHLine.XP’s real-time Shadow Engine lets you perform accurate shade studies on your models. See how the sun affects your space at any time and date. Watch the daylight move across your space.



Rendering, photorealistic images

You have a first-class Render engine at your disposal. You can easily render lifelike fabrics, textiles, leathers and wall finishes with excellent light effects in daytime and night scenes – all in just a few minutes.

Perspective/Orthographic views

Perspective views provide an in-depth look on the design, very similar to real life. With the orthographic view, all objects appear at the same scale.

With a single click


Get inside your model and take a walk-through. Navigate in the interior space, look around in a room, go through other rooms, climb and descend stairs and ramps.

Wall views

Create wall elevations to see details that are missing from the floorplan: i.e. mouldings, signs, window sizes, or a decorative pattern. Place the wall elevations automatically as colourful textured but quotable images on your floor plan.


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