The CAD tools you know and need


Draw Walls and Openings

Create complex wall styles with layers, adding any shape of cross-section, automatically connecting doors and windows to the walls including rounded windows, curved arches, etc.

You set the parameters of the wall and place them according to the drawing. The first wall will be immediately visible in the 3D window. Now comes the most spectacular part: using the room wizard.

Adjust Floors, Ceilings and Foundations

Add floors, design regular or irregular slabs, sloping slabs, and foundations. A slab can be a single layered or multiple layered with beams in it. The slab profiles helps to create custom made slabs, such as annular vaults, cross vaults, etc.



Use Layers

Control the visual layout of a drawing. Group or separate the objects of the current drawing in various categories or folders, display or hide certain elements.

Add Dimensions and Annotations

Add precise annotations to your documentation, place dimensions using the software’s highly precise, double precision format. Define the format, scale, precision, and toggle between metric and imperial units.

With a single click

Create Stairs and Balustrades

Create and manipulate 3D parametric stairs with either regular or irregular shapes. Stairs are created with a step by step method providing a group of boundary curves. Balustrades are associated with stairs and are freely editable with any form of handrails, and puppets.

Decorative profiles

Design Roofs

Automatic roof definition makes it very easy to define complex roofs. Select external walls with enclosing rectangle to add a roof over them.

Change the brightness

Edit Roof Tiling, Rafter and Batten, Gutter and Downspout

Roof Tiling with solid 3D tiles, displayed in 2D and 3D, quantity take-off, visuals, and complex rafter and batten structure definitions together with interactive gutter and downspout designs.

Symbolic representation


External references (XREF) let you embed another drawing into the one you are currently working on.

Precise recess and cut-out

Define Plot Layout

Customize what and how you want to print. Insert the floor plan at an exact scale, add sections, model views, images and photos to one paper sheet. You can customize your layout with your personal stamp, a north sign, notices, etc. The work can be printed in high resolution or saved as a PDF file, ready to be emailed to the customer.

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