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What is GstarCAD ?


GstarCAD is well-known alternative CAD software of high compatibility with ACAD.
With 25 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD is far ahead in performance, stability and other key indicators and becomes leading CAD software in the world.

GstarCAD 2020

With new technologies, innovative features and outstanding performance, the DWG-based Collaborative Design of GstarCAD 2019 helps improve project design efficiency and significantly reduce error and cost.

  • Collaborative Design aims to provide cross-team design collaboration for construction or engineering companies, helping to implement unified design norms and standards, reduce communication barriers between teams and departments and improve the overall design efficiency of projects.
  • Big and complex BIM models can be imported and exported via new IFC data interface.
  • New productive and useful functions help to accomplish design works faster,like “Selection Cycling”,”Check Spelling”,”Make Shape”,”Viewport Scale”,”Redefine Block” and so on.

GstarCAD 2020 - New Features

New Interface

With the new attractive color theme and icon designs, GstarCAD 2020 offers you a concise and familiar interface which you can easily to customize.

Quick Properties

Quick properties is a set of objects properties dispayed through the properties palette. GstarCAD 2020 is able to customize your own quick properties to meet your needs.


More new festures added in GstarCAD Collaboration, helps CAD designers work together among a mutual drawing reference environment at the same time.

.IFC BIM File format

Since IFC format support in latest GstarCAD, you can import and export standard IFC file format as well as view 3D models by category and operate in GstarCAD conveniently.

3D Editing

In GstarCAD 2020, the way to edit in size a basic 3D solid has been improved, Select the solid then drag the grips to increase length, width or height.

3d Visual

GstarCAD 2020 brings you a more concise and lively 3D visualization, you can apply more new attractive visual styles and adjust the brightness of the 3D drawing.

JOIN Command (Improvement)

More objects supported by JOIN command in GstarCAD 2020. Included line, pline, arc and spline.


GstarCAD 2020 adapts the 4K screen resolution from interface to dialog boxes.


Import TrueType text, the geometry, and raster images from a PDF file or underlay into a current drawing as GstarCAD objects.

GRX interface

GstarCAD offers friendly secondary deverlopment interface, untile now GstarCAD has been cooperating with hundreds of developers wordwide to provide industrial solutions for customers.

DWG-based Collaborative Design Platform

Based on new technologies like drawing data incremental storage and transmission, Collaborative Design of GstarCAD 2019 enables cross-department and cross-team design collaboration based on DWG drawings, allowing designers/draftsmen easily to trace and return back to any previous version and locate design changes by one click, ensuring design quality and overall accuracy of specific projects.

Advantages of GstarCAD 2019 Collaboration


Multi-person and multi-direction drawing reference

  • Support bilateral, nested and circular drawing reference
  • Easy to confirm design progress of other teams and members
  • Possible to display, hide and detach reference drawing at any time.
  • In time check and handle conflicts and collisions, reduce design errors at early stages

Smart drawing version management and tracing

  • Every submission is retained as a version (incremental storage)
  • Possible to view historical versions based on dates and logs
  • Possible to trace back and restore any historical version

Flexible drawing reference management

  • Concise and clear tree structure of drawing reference relations
  • Automatically break nested or circular reference
  • Possible to fold/unfold reference relations and hide/display reference at any time
  • Grey display of reference drawings, easy view and edit of current drawing

Easy check of design changes in reference drawings

  • Check modifications of all reference drawings at the same time
  • Directly view design changes by color distinction, or check details one by one
  • Possible to modify drawings according to the changes
  • Possible to switch confirmed changes to non-display

Timely, synchronous and asynchronous drawing data update

  • Timely submission and update of current drawing, like real-time collaboration
  • Real time reminder, user decides whether to submit and update drawing immediately
  • User decides when to submit and update drawings or, user works offline and submits or updates drawings when becoming online

Roles and permission management throughout project

  • Project leader can assign role and permission to project team members
  • Each team member can access (read/edit/save/submit) to drawing files according to permissions
  • Each team member can export drawing files according to permissions

Drawing data incremental storage and transmission

  • Only save and submit design changes, minimize amount of drawing data storage and transmission
  • Ensure efficiency and timeliness of drawing data transmission and update

Convenient project import and exprot

  • Easy to import Xref projects into collaborative design system
  • Automatic converting Xref relations to collaborative design reference relations
  • Easy to export collaborative design project to DWG drawings

More New Features in GstarCAD 2019

Selection Cycling
Cycle through and select overlapping objects
Create, modify, and save workspaces and make a workspace current
Right-Click + Drag Method
Using the “Right-click + Drag” to move, copy objects or paste objects as a block
Make Shape
Create a shape definition based on selected objects
Viewport Scale
Display the scale of current viewport or of a selected layout viewport
Change the destination folder for drawing backup (BAK) files

Videos - Watch New & Enchanced Features

Selection Cycling

With the new SELECTIONCYCLING system variable you can quickly select overlapped…

Hidden Message Settings

Within the option dialog box, under “Users Preferences” tab, you can find the new…


The new WORKSPACE command allows to create, modify and save workspaces current…

Make Shape

The new MKSHAPE command creates a shape definition based on selected objects…

Viewport Scale

The new VPSCALE command reports the real scale of the current viewport of a selected layout…


The new MOVEBAK command changes the destination folder for drawing backup (BAK) files…

GstarCAD is based on independent intellectual property rights and patented core technologies owned by Gstarsoft.
Independent Property Rights

User interface and operating habits are very similar to ACAD, which is easier to operate and use. Zero training is needed for ACAD users.
Friendly User Interface

Completely compatible with ACAD in data format, supporting the latest DWG/DXF up to version 2018.
Data Compatibility

Unique and innovative technologies like Intelligent Display, Hierarchical Memory Exchange and Graphics Data Adaptive Compression are adopted to significantly enhances the speed in handling large drawings.
Innovative Technologies

Code-level compatible APIs ensures LISP/FAS/VLX plug-ins programed on ACAD can directly run on GstarCAD while VBA/.NET/ARX plug-ins can be seamlessly transplanted.
Application Development

View, manage and share DWG drawings from multiple devices by one click and enjoy mobile design and communication together with more than 10,000,000 DWG FastView users around the world.
Multi-platform Application

Videos - Watch New & Enchanced Features

Check Spelling

Now Mtext supports check spelling that determines whether as you type spell checking is on or off…

Import Layout as Sheet

Now you can ‘import’ additional drawing layouts into your sheet set file using the Sheet Set Manager…

Redefine Block

Now design center offers a quick way to update instances of block. Redefining a block allows…

Familiar Interface

Workspaces switching & interface appearance

2D Drafting and classic interface can be switched in a wink. 2D drafting interface is supported by a ribbon with its tabs and panels. It displays the most used commands as thumbnails for easy selection. Classic interface is supported by toolbars and it’s the most preferred by old users. Interface appearance makes your drawing environment more comfortable because it supports options for applying different themes as well as show or hide the menu bar, toolbars, file tabs and status bar.

Dynamic input

Dynamic Input provides a command interface near the cursor to help you keep your focus in the drafting area. Save time typing and finding out whatever longer or shorter command. Dynamic input can autocomplete the command name at once.

Property and Tool Palette

Properties palette displays the properties of the selected object or set of objects. You can specify a new value to modify any property that can be changed. Tool palette provides an efficient method for organizing and placing blocks.

Design Center

Design Center provides a graphic interface where you can manipulate and re-use drawings and their objects (blocks, layers, external references, and customized contents) from drawing files, network drives, and Internet locations. This way, you can speed up drawing constructing.


Command Line

You can enter a command by using the keyboard. You can also repeat the previous command by pressing Enter or Spacebar without entering a command.


Clean Screen

If you want to maximize drawing space, you can press “CTRL+0” or click Clean Screen icon on the right of status bar to hide Toolbars, Windows or Ribbon.


File Tabs

File tabs offer a fast way to switch the opening-drawings, and you can change the opening-order by draging tabs. It also has built in functionalty like save, close, audit and properties.


Lock UI

Lock the position of toolbar/window. The lock icon in the status bar indicates whether Toolbar/Window is locked. Click the icon to display locking options.

Layer Properties Manager & Layer States Manager

Layer properties manager displays a list of the layers in the drawing and their properties. You can add, delete, and rename layers, change their properties, set property overrides for layout viewports, or add layer descriptions and apply changes in real time.

Layer states manager enables you save the current property settings for layers in a named layer state and then restore those settings later.

Files & Print

My Cloud

GstarCAD provides free cloud storage to registered users. If your are a registered user, you can share drawings with DWG FastView for Web, DWG FastView for Mobile and DWG FastView for Windows. You can easily view your drawings from web page, mobile phone or computer, making design work more free and convenient.

Batch Purge

No need to open files. It can purge the excess objects such as blocks, layers, line type, dimension style or text style on several DWG files at the same time.

Batch Print

Batch print drawings with the same drawing frame attribute and to save engineer’s time to improve efficiency.

Drawing Lock

Turn the drawing into a whole block. Others can’t modify the objects of the original drawing. It is a good way to prevent others from modifying the drawing.

PDF Underlay

You can insert PDF files as reference underlay.

DNG Underlay

You can insert DGN files as reference underlay.

DWF Underlay

You can insert DWF files as reference underlay.

Import and Export

GstarCAD supports the following data format. Import: WMF,SAT,DGN,DWF,3DS Export: DWF,DWFX,WMF, SAT,STL,EPS,DXX,BMP.


Generate Barcode and insert into drawing. Quickly find out the corresponding drawing later by scanning and identifiying Barcode.

QR Code

Users can insert a QR into a drawing, it can save drawings’ related information like company name, then you can access the information through mobile.

Drawing Compare

Compare drawing files of different version to identify the design changes. Colors are used to mark changed objects between old and new drawing files.

Graphic Compare

Compare drawings of similar appearance in the same drawing file to identify detailed geometric differences. Contrast results is inserted into the current drawing area.

Detailed 2D Drafting

Pline Boolean

Directly conduct SUBTRACT/UNION/INTERSECT calculation without converting polylines to regions. This command is 3 or 4 times quicker than TRIM.

Annotation Scale

Annotation Scale automatically adjusts size of objects, such as text, dimension, block, etc. You can quickly and easily handle drawings of different scales.

Dimension tools

Dimension Tools provide accurate values for the objects, including Quick Dimension, Linear Dimension, Angular Dimension, Baseline Dimension, etc.

Revision Cloud

Revision Cloud consists of a continuous polyline.

You can use it to call attention to parts of a drawing during the review stage.

utoXlsTable and CAD Table to Excel

Autoxlstable allows create a sheet or table directly in Microsoft Excel to be inserted to GstarCAD automatically. CAD Table to Excel export accurately a sheet or table, composed by line/Spline and text/Mtext from GstarCAD to Microsoft Excel.

Dynamic Block and Dynamic Block Editor

Dynamic Block function can save your time and make you specify drawings easily. You don’t need to repeatedly draw a series of standard components. This function can reduce your cumbersome block libraries in the process. What’s more, you can create and modify dynamic blocks properties in the Dynamic Block Editor.


This tool helps to view a specific area of your drawing as a magnifier with the capability of snap points without performing zoom in/outon big drawings like map or survey and also is practical to use and customize. Save time on exploring small details of your drawing or even drafting in a jungle of intersected objects easy and quickly.

Clean Screen

If you want to maximize drawing space, you can press “CTRL+0” or click Clean Screen icon on the right of status bar to hide Toolbars, Windows or Ribbon.

File Tabs

File tabs offer a fast way to switch the opening-drawings, and you can change the opening-order by draging tabs. It also has built in functionalty like save, close, audit and properties.

3D orbit options

3D orbit options like: Free Orbit, 3D Continuous Orbit, Orbit along the X-axis, Orbit along the Y-axis, Orbit along Z-orbit and 3D Orbit Center allows rotate the view in 3D space or even you can apply a shortcut (SHIFT+SCROLL MOUSE).

Visual Styles

Visual styles control the display of edges and shading a viewport. You can control the effect of a visual style by switching each other. When you apply any visual style, the associated viewport is automatically updated to reflect those changes.

3D Face and mesh modeling

3D face allows to create a three or four-sided surface anywhere in 3D space. Mesh Modeling creates a free-form polygon mesh. You can reshape mesh objects by smoothing, creasing, refining, and splitting faces. You can also drag edges, faces, and vertices to mold the overall form.

Solid and solid editing

3D solid objects often start as one of several basic shapes, or primitives, that you can then edit and recombine. Some samples of solid editing capability enables you join two solids, subtract one from the other, or create a shape based on the intersection of their volumes.

Profiles and Sections

2D profile and sections can be generated from a 3D model through SOLPROF, SOLDRAW and SOLVIEW commands. Solprof creates 2D projection profile of 3D model consisting of visible and hidden lines. Solview creates orthographic views, layers, and layout viewports automatically. Soldraw generates profiles and sections in layout viewports created with SOLVIEW.

Render and Materials

Render gives a photorealistic shaded image of a 3D solid or surface model, improving visualization. You can apply materials to your 3D model to define the shininess, bumpiness, and transparency of object’s surfaces to give them a realistic appearance.


Quick access customization

Manages the customized quick access toolbar elements in the product. Add or delete commands at the quick access toolbar to make the drawing environment specific to certain types of tasks.

User interface customization

Manages the customized user interface elements in the product. Customize the user interface to make the drawing environment specific to certain types of tasks.

Command aliases

A command alias is an abbreviation that you enter at the command prompt instead of entering the entire command name.Such as you can enter C instead of circle to start the CIRCLE command.

Shortcuts customize

Shortcuts customize provides a faster way to invoke a command. The CUSTACC command allows you to customize, delete or modify existing command shortcuts.Such as CTRL+S for SAVE.

Object GRX

Object GRX technology provides the foundation for design software applications to share intelligent object data. You can run third-party Object GRX application programs or write your own.Plug-in applictions developed with VBA/GRX/DBX/Lisp/Vlisp can be loaded to GstarCAD.

.Net Framework

GstarCAD .NET API enables you to manipulate the application and drawing files programmatically with libraries that are exposed and can be accessed by many different programming languages and environments. Users are able to automate tasks such as creating and modifying objects stored in the database of a drawing file or change the contents of a customization file.