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GstarCAD Architecture

It is built-in architectural custom objects for creating agile construction drawings through comprehensive designing and library tools including 3D visualization.



It is built-in architectural custom objects for creating agile construction drawings through comprehensive designing and library tools including 3D visualization.

What's New

Generate Grids by Setting Parameters




Composite and Cavity Walls

Wall Attributes GCA provides Composite and Cavity Walls. According to different requirements, designers could modify the parameter of the wall, in order to achieve different effects automatically.


Flexibly Locating Windows

Flexibly Locating Windows GCA provides different ways to insert windows by dialog box, such as inserting a window to wall center, or with a certain distance from axis line. Designers could easily locate windows. This way is also suitable for doors, openings, and other graphic objects.


Door Grips Operation

Door Grips Operation GCA provides grips editing function. For example, you could click the grip on a door to change its opening direction. It is very simple and convenient.


Draw Stairs without Calculation

Draw Stairs without CalculationGCA provides U-Shaped Stair. It could automatically draw qualified stair by measuring staircase width in drawing. By settings parameters in dialog box, such as floor height, step number, it could automatically calculate step height.




Auto Search Room Area

Auto Search Room AreaGCA provides area query function for rooms. It could auto search room and mark area after selecting drawn walls. It is very fast and accurate, especially for irregular rooms.



Quickly Draw Slope Roof

Quickly Draw Slope Roof GCA provides tools to draw roofs. You could select the drawn pline and take it as auxiliary line to draw slop roof. It is an efficient way to draw roofs.



Road Slope and Elevation Calculation

Road Slope and Elevation Calculation GCA provides auto calculation and dimension function for road slope and elevation. It could also manually calculate road slope. GCA uses dynamic linear interpolation method to dimension elevation for specified point on road baseline. It is a better way to meet users’ requirements of vertically design.

Enhanced Drawing Layout Function

Enhanced Drawing Layout Function GCA provides defining viewport function. In layout space, it could locate drawings in model space by different scale factors and angles. Compared with traditional layout function, it is more direct and efficient.

Flexible BOM Table

Flexible BOM TableGCA could automatically generate BOM table to report some information (such as, number, area, and so on) about building objects, and export it to *.dwg, *.xls, or *.doc files. It could also import tables in *.xls or *.doc files to *.dwg files.

Generate 3D Model

Generate 3D ModelGCA provides 3D combination function for building plan drawings. Through project manager, it could locate all floors, and then generate 3D building model. The generated model could be imported to some 3D soft ware which supports DWG files for further processing.

Drawing Compatibility

Drawing Compatibility GCA is based on GstarCAD platform. It supports mainstream DWG and DXF file formats, versions of R12, R14, and 2000~2013. So its compatibility is powerful.



Key Features

Pull-down Toolkit

GstarCAD Architecture uses special toolkit by pull-down menu. According to designers’ daily work habits, various kinds of functions are arranged in this toolkit. It could be displayed or hided by pressing composite key “Ctrl + =”.

Composite and Cavity Wall

GstarCAD Architecture provides composite and cavity wall function. Users could choose and edit the materials to compose the walls in different styles. The intersection part will be handled automatically. This smart function improves the design efficiency.

Architecture Objects

GstarCAD Architecture provides different styles of walls, doors, windows, stairs, and other objects. You can create them or edit their properties easily by dialog box or in property palettes.

Intelligent and Smart Operation

GstarCAD Architecture supplies parametric operation mode to decrease human errors and improve work efficiency. Custom objects could auto process display relationship, for example, illustrating win-door effect when inserting to wall; as well they could be edited by CAD commands, such as trim, extend, chamfer, and so on.

Sections & Elevations

GstarCAD Architecture could generate sections and elevations by combining architectural plan drawings of each floor through engineering management function. Their sections and elevations could be auto regenerated when plan drawings modified. Compared with manually drawing, this could save time and enhance work efficiency.

Dimension & Symbols

GstarCAD Architecture provides various kinds of annotation tools, including dimensions and symbols. It also supplies editing tools. You can quickly complete window-door dimension, stair dimension by dimension tools; as well conveniently add useful symbols to you drawing, such as arrow symbols, elevation symbols, index symbols, engineering practice in detail symbols and so on.


GstarCAD Architecture could generate tables by extracting door data, window data, and hole data from drawings, and then export the custom object tables to word or excel files. It could import word table or excel table to DWG file at the same time. This makes table creation and editing much easier and more flexible.

Drawing Library

GstarCAD Architecture provides useful drawing library, including samples of toilet wares, furniture, landscape and so on. You can insert commonly used drawing blocks by directly dragging from drawing library; meanwhile, you could also save customized drawing blocks to drawing library.

Training Demos

Draw Grids


Axis/Grid Dimension


Draw walls in Plan Drawing


Draw Corner Window in Plan Drawing



Draw Columns



Draw Win-door in Architectural Design

GstarCAD Architecture Comparison Table

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (32bit, 64bit) Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 (32bit, 64bit), Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit, 64 bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit), Windows XP (32bit);
  • Processor: The Intel Pentium Processor (recommended Pentium IV 2GHz or faster);
  • RAM memory: Minimum 1GB RAM (4GB RAM recommended or more for 64bit version);
  • 300 MB Disk Space (1GB recommended);
  • CD-ROM/DVD ROM drive (when installing from a disc);
  • Mouse or other control device;
  • Color monitor;
  • Output device (printer or plotter).

Apple Mac OS with Apple BootCamp / Parallels Desktop / VMware Fusion / VirtualBox (Allows you to use MS Windows on Apple computers with an Intel processor)

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